3 Major Bills You Can Lower in 2021


Our monthly bills can really be a drag, and you may have noticed that the bills ticked up a little bit higher in 2020. That’s because our homes became more than just that. It served as a school, work, a favorite restaurant, the movie theater, and even more.

We’ve seen the electric, credit card, and water bills soar higher and higher, but there are some easy ways to make sure that 2021 is easier on your expenses.

Electric Bill


The lights were on plenty in 2020 as we all had to stay home, but it doesn’t hurt to compare electricity providers heading into this year. Renewable energy from natural resources has become the preferred energy option of the future. As renewable energy doesn’t contribute to carbon emissions as fossil fuels do, it has no negative impact on climate change.

Solar power has become one of the more well-known options among renewable and green energy sources. Wind power is one of the more widespread options to help produce heat and electricity.

When looking into the type of electric service you wish to use, it is important to understand how much electricity you use. You can determine the electric plan for you based on how much you pay per unit of electricity. It is important to understand electric rates for peak and off-peak usage. It would help determine how much input power your appliances are using to ensure the lowest price from an electric supplier.

Credit Card Bills


You may have found yourself using your credit card a bit more often while you were stuck at home. It was super tempting to hop online and buy groceries, clothes, or whatever else to pass the time. Before you know it, that credit card bill can be for an eye-popping amount.

Under the contract terms of some credit cards, there’s an alarming interest rate that can make it insurmountable for cardholders to get out of debt. You can actually reach out to your card issuer about a lower interest rate if you have a solid payment history and a good credit score.

With some card suppliers, you can take advantage of a balance transfer offer with an existing card or open a balance transfer card with a 0% interest rate. This allows to pay off the balance interest-free. You can also consolidate your credit card debt with a personal loan. This lumps debt from multiple cards into one monthly payment that may be drastically lower than the usual payments while helping you save on interest charges.

Water Bills


While you may be looking for a different energy supplier for electricity, you can also reduce your footprint on the environment by working to reduce that water bill. With faucets constantly running all the time and excessive use of the water heater, it is important to limit your usage. Reduce the number of loads of laundry you are doing daily, and be sure to watch how long you are letting faucets and showerheads run.

You can also make the thermostat work for your wallet. Dropping the temperature by 10 to 15 degrees on your water heater can also help lower your heating bill by 10% annually.

If you have any leaky faucets, it would be imperative also to fix them. Those drips can add up over time and be costly with your utility company. According to some data, a single drop per second from a leaky faucet can lead to over two thousand gallons of wastewater each year. Most of these repairs are quick fixes and will mean plenty of savings for you and your family in 2021.

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