The Termite Treatment from the Pest Control Experts in Sydney


After the termite inspection done by SafePestControl termite experts in Sydney and resulted that there is a termite infestation in your backyard and storage/garage area, now get ready for the termite treatment.  

There are important areas identified with signs of termites’ presence and these areas will be included in the treatment to be done by the Termite Inspection Sydney Specialists from SafePestControlThe visible signs found are as follows, mud tunnels, blowholes in trees, earthen packing, flight tubes, excavation of the wood area, tree nests, and collapsed timber near your backyard. While termites may also hide in floorboards, bearers, and ceilings of your storage area will be treated separately.  

For your information, if you live in Australia, you should be notified of different areas with high-risk and very high-risk alerts of termite infestation. Brisbane, Perth, and Darwin are areas considered to have “very high risk” of termite infestation, and Sydney, New castle, and Dubbo with only “high risk”.

To keep your home termite-free in these prone areas, have a termite treatment immediately and consider termite inspection regularly. This is a wise decision to make as a homeowner, not only for the safety of your family but also for your property to maintain its high value.   

At SafePestControl, you will also be taught the details on how to reduce the risk of termite attacks to your home, such as disposal of the stored timer, repair of leaking pipes, removal of dead trees in or near your backyard, removal of formwork in the subfloor or under the suspended slab and putting away the drains of air-conditions or water tank, also if ventilating of the subfloor is possible, it is helpful to avoid moisture build-up. 

SafePestControl can also arrange termite insurance for clients who want to be protected, covering up to $100,000 of any potential damages for only $360, make yourself and your property safe and protected for 5 years under TimberSecure Termite Insurance Policy.  

For a new house or property under the planning stage, SafePestControl may also give you some tips and techniques to prevent termite infestation. Some of these techniques would be, ensure that slabs have 75mm of concrete slab edge exposed; physical termite barriers can also be added surrounding your home and preventing underground entry by termites; a reticulation system is advised to be built to provide a network of pipes spraying chemicals in the soil to repel invading termites; put-up of chemical barriers as protection surrounding your home and chemicals can be applied once needed; installation of termite bait stations around the property to give you early warning signals once termites enter the vicinity; and lastly, ensure drainage and ventilation systems are functioning properly at all times without leaks. 

These techniques are very effective if you aspire to have termite-free property, ensuring your home and property with long and healthy structural existence.

At SafePestControl, termite experts are also members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA), who can surely provide prompt and fast service, with the latest and excellent pest control equipment and unwavering commitment of professionalism. 

Previous clients and existing clients keep on recommending the pest control services of SafePestControl to their friends and business partners, as they are always satisfied with the quality pest control services they always get.    

In treating termites in any premises, SafePestcontrol technicians use eco-friendly products with low toxicity to ensure your family, pets and your surroundings are all safe, but of course with great impact to termites. Surely they can’t stand a chance to exist anymore!

 Before termites destroy and devalue any of your property, better get a Termite treatment from only the best and termites experts in Sydney, SafePestControl! 

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