Doing Up Your Spare Room for Home Improvement


If you’ve decided to finally get started on that project to do up your spare room for home improvement, a call to your home contents cover provider is unlikely to be high on your list of priorities. With exciting things like color schemes, new furniture, and the ambiance of the room to think about, the comparatively dull world of insurance could seriously dent your creative mojo.

However, avoid making that call to your contents insurer at your peril; if you’re spending a quid or two on the job, you’ll want to make sure everything is covered, especially considering the number of accidents we Brits have when carrying out a spot of DIY. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, a staggering 600 people go to the hospital every day after suffering a DIY mishap.

Every year 20,000 Brits are injured while using scalpels and knives during their home improvement projects, while an eye-watering 15,000 suffer an injury while using a saw. More painful still, 2,000 ends up in A&E after a sticky situation with an ax, plane, or welding equipment.

Scary statistics, but there’s a real message behind the numbers: accidents can and do happen and it’s best to be prepared. Before you start a project, this could include making sure that you have adequate home insurance, including accidental damage cover.

Although it’s nice to think of a project going as smoothly as possible, it’s not hard to imagine the things that can go wrong, whether it’s spilled paint pots, broken furniture, or collapsed ceilings. Smash into the wrong wall or pull up the wrong floorboard and you could even be looking at structural damage.

So you’ve completed the project and everything’s gone smoothly, you’re out of the woods, right? Sadly not. Once you’ve finished creating your exciting new space, you may also need to put a call into your insurance provider again – this time to let them know of your changes. The cost of new furniture can mount up, especially if you’ve let your imagination run away with you and invested in some opulent pieces to complete your new room.

The easiest way to get the best value out of your home contents insurance is to regularly review exactly what’s in your home, how much it would cost to replace and get it covered. Pay for too much cover and you’re wasting money, cover too little and the results could be disastrous – find the right balance and you’ll be well on the road to a harmonious home.

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