The Wild Animals Dog and Does Doggy Doors Take Away Togetherness


Another thinking in our local TV news and the local paper reported an incident involving pet doors that turned out to be very scary, but interesting and informative.  I wanted to share this information because of an article posted on March 5, (Does Doggie Doors Take Away Togetherness?)   Living away from the hassle of busy cities, some choose to live in the suburbs of large cities for peace and quiet.

However, some areas away from large cities may have wildlife wandering around looking for food or water…. pets included.  The population of individuals living in these areas most likely do not think about the unusual circumstance that could possibly good dealing with wild animals. Something unpleasant or undesirable could happen and no one would be prepared for the possible outcome.

A pet family having several dogs installed a pet door for convenience purposes and worked well for everyone concerned.  One day last week two of the dogs were out in the back yard which was fenced, playing around when a young male mountain lion came up to the fenced yard.

The dogs started barking trying to scare the wild animal away, but the mountain lion jumped the fence and started after the two dogs.  The dogs run back through their pet door trying to get away from the lion, but guess what, the lion went in after them.  The woman of the house was in the area that the lion came into and she ran into another room with an additional dog.

No phone was available, so she quickly ran into the room where the lion was distracted by the two dogs, grabbed the phone, and went back into the other room closing the door behind her. She telephoned her husband and 911.  The husband hurried home and was able to lead his wife and dog out of the house just as the animal control, police… arrived.  The mountain lion was tranquilized and removed, but not before killing one of the dogs, and injuring the other.

After examining the lion, it was euthanized due to extreme malnutrition.  I am not telling you about this terrible experience to scare or to suggest the pet parent into not installing dog doors, on the contrary, but only to inform you that things do happen.

This was of course an isolated occurrence, and an inconceivable situation to encounter, but I thought it would be worthwhile mentioning to understand that sometimes things happen in our daily lives that will leave a mark, never to be forgotten.

Sometimes in every dog’s life, independence is special and rewarding.  When you have to go, you have to go, right?  Well, I can understand when pet parents work and leave their dog alone; they have the choice of going in and out of their dog doors when necessary and do not have to wait for their family to come home.

This is a good thing.  However, what about if the pet parent is home most of the time and the dog has to go outside?  The look in the doggy’s eyes and gestures they make letting them know it is time to go out and smell the roses is priceless.  The pet parent has to stop doing whatever it was they were doing, open the door and let the dog out.

Shortly thereafter, there is a slight ‘woof’ letting them know it is time to come back inside.  Once again, the parent has to stop doing what it is they were doing, and let the dog back in.  Is this a routine or what?  Doggies sure know how to train their pet parent with just a slight command, (you did not know Doggies know how to give a command to their parents, did you?)  This is togetherness!

As time goes on and the pet parent becomes wise to what is actually going on, decides it is time to install a dog door for convenience to everyone.  Dog doors are great to have, and this way they will not be bothered with activities they enjoy in their home, and doggie can do their thing all by themselves.

What a relief that will be, no more back and forth, opening and closing the door at doggies command.  This is all fine and dandy, but be prepared to know the correct size of the doggie doors opening so moving through the door will be plenty of room to go back and forth.  Also, keep in mind that if the dog door has not been installed in a safe area, security may then become a problem.

It has been reported that burglars may become aware of the door and when no one is at home, bingo, in the crawl (if large door), and when you return home, you will discover a burglary has taken place.  To safeguard this from happening, make sure your dog is aware of any foreign entry, other than themselves.  It is usually true that dogs can detect danger and want to protect their surroundings.  Pick a safe and perhaps an area protected by natural surroundings.

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