The Best Dematting Comb for Pet Grooming


It is essential that all cat owners have grooming supplies made especially for cats. A metal comb is the most essential basic grooming tool. Most stainless-steel combs for cats have wide-set, round teeth that are perfect for long and short hair cats. A slicker brush is perfect for all cats. Most cats enjoy the sensation of the slicker brush and the metal comb and it helps to prevent hairballs.

Most cats love being stroked and enjoy the feeling of light grooming, so don’t be afraid to brush and comb your cat or kitten regularly.

The dog owner can do much to help a dog’s hair coat achieve its full potential and to keep it in good condition: feed a good quality nutritionally complete and balanced dog food; keep the dog free of internal and external parasites and maintain a regular grooming schedule with the appropriate pet grooming equipment.

Grooming your dog not only helps him/her look their best at all times but also helps keep them clean and healthy.

Grooming sessions are an excellent time to assess your dog’s health. Learn what is normal for your dog, what characteristics distinguish him. Changes in appearance or behavior may be signs of illness. If a dog displays constant problems such as itching, sudden loss of hair, inflamed areas, any signs of tenderness or lumps under the skin, a veterinarian should be consulted.

A dog who is accustomed to grooming will be more at ease when he is examined or treated by a veterinarian.

The kind of grooming routine you establish for your dog will depend on how much time the dog spends outside, weather conditions, and whether the dog is a longhaired or shorthaired breed.

Shorthaired breeds should be groomed two to three times a week. Longhaired breeds require daily grooming. Many terrier breeds require periodic plucking to remove dead hairs and to give them a trim appearance with careful brushing and combing between plucking.

If your dog’s hair coat requires complicated grooming, you may want to have it done professionally. However, trips to the groomer’s are not adequate to maintain a healthy, handsome hair coat. Your dog still needs to be brushed and combed regularly between professional grooming sessions.

Most people don’t really think about how important dental hygiene is for their dogs or cats.  It’s been stated by veterinarians that approximately 70% of cats and 80% of dogs have some form of gingivitis by the time they are 3 years old.

If it is left untreated, this disease can also destroy gums, teeth, and supporting structures just like in humans and it will also cause very foul breath.   If allowed to go on too long, serious problems such as irreversible bone loss, chronic pain, continuous foul breath, and even eye problems if a tooth abscess can occur.

The only sure way to prevent plaque buildup and dental disease and to keep that bad breath away is to make cleaning your pet’s teeth a frequent routine just like grooming routines.  There are so many dental products to make it easy for you to clean your pet’s teeth such as dental gel which is made especially for pets and doesn’t have to be rinsed out.  There are also great toothbrushes in a variety of styles made just for pets.

Maintaining your pet’s dental health is another way to help make sure your pet lives a long happy and healthy life, after all, we want to keep them around for as long as possible!

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