The Dog Coats and Dog Jackets to Keep Your Pet Warm


There are so many different coats, jackets, and hoodies that are a must for keeping your beloved dog or puppy warm in cold or wet weather.  You have many options because there are a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes that are available.

You can go classic college-style sweaters, vintage 60, camo, knit, or anything you can think of for all types of dog apparel.  Boots protect your pet’s paws from not only the elements, but from salt, stones, and rough terrain.

There are raincoats, hoodies, and tee shirts for all tastes and all sizes of dogs and puppies.  All pet parents want their pets to be safe and protected from the elements when they go outside for whatever reason and you can find any kind of dog apparel to fit your needs and your pet’s needs at First Rate Pets where you can shop and get friendly expert advice about pets at any time.

Camo or Camouflage apparel has always been popular with people and now you can get them for your dog!  When you think of camo colors, you normally think of green, but did you know you can also find camo prints in pink for the girl dogs?

You can get just about any type of apparel for your dogs in camo pink or green including hats, hoodies, coats and jackets, tee shirts, collars and leashes, and even boots!  If you love that outdoor look, then you really should check out all of the camo gear for your dog so you both can enjoy the great outdoors in style.

Can you even begin to count how many tee shirts you own?

This staple to any wardrobe has crossed over as a popular entity for dogs. Comfy and casual, tee shirts are a canvas for self-expression for you, and you’re pets. As a dog owner you’ll be the brains behind any fashion purchase for your pooch, so ask yourself: how would my four-legged friend express himself?

From the hipster tie-dye look to a fun floral print, it’s certain that you’ll find the perfect style for your pooch. Maybe you’re the type of person who enjoys a matching ensemble between you and your pet. Sports teams are a terrific way to show your spirit and an ever-so-popular selection for a dog tee shirt.

Well, September is already here and it’s already starting to get cooler at night.  Have you been thinking about getting your beloved friend a sweater to keep him warm while out for those early evening walks or even for early morning walks?  So many people agree that a sweater can really make those walks on chilly nights or mornings more enjoyable for you and your pet.

And you can find just about any kind of sweater you can think of for your dog from classic styles such as cable knit or maybe even a little more sophisticated like the Ranch Style dog sweater, you can even get retro styles with peace signs.

No matter what you fancy, you can find all kinds of styles and colors of sweaters made just for dogs and puppies that will fit your lifestyle and preferences and there are so many sizes that fit even the smallest dog and even great dog sweaters that fit medium and big dogs like German Shepards and other big dogs.

Your dog will appreciate that you thought enough of him to buy him his own great dog sweater and will come to associate his new sweater with a fun time outside with you.

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