The Consider Flying Your Pet in Comfort


There have been issues with flying pets in commercial airlines because of the percentage of people who may or may not have pets of their own and are allergic to pets and pet dandruff, so some airlines are not offering to fly pets as before.

In the re-circulation of air in the main cabin, inhaling the particles that may be in the air, just as peanut dust from peanuts are not served to passengers because of allergic conditions, is no different from pet dander.

If flying small pets that have a carry on pet carrier that slides under the seat, airlines that approve flying pets will accept that, but not large dogs.  Cargo and the baggage department will accommodate large dogs, but there is much to be said about this because of the danger to the dog.

Short-nosed dogs do not do well in this environment because of breathing problems that some may have, and the American Veterinary Medical Association does not advise sedating or tranquilizing dogs due to their panting that regulates body temperature because under any kind of sedation they may not be able to pant causing complications.

Therefore, what is the answer in the event that the pet parent wants to fly their pet child to another location for whatever reason?  Perhaps with Holidays not far off flying the pet child to join the family may be the most practical situation, but another scenario might involve moving to another state and the pet child is a large dog.

Pet Airways, the pet-friendly airlines for pets only is gaining popularity in flying pets to many major cities and provides a climate-controlled, lighted cabin for comfort and the only humans aboard are the pilot and the pet attendant.

Time sure flies when you are having fun, but before long, the days will begin to shorten, Labor Day will be getting close, and school will start again for another year.  Therefore, what does that tell you, vacations will soon end and every pet parent will have considered including their dog in activities away from home?

Whether it be vacations or visiting friends or relatives in other states other than your own, takes some serious planning, and taking your dog in the family vehicle for several days, especially if they are large dogs is not the best choice, or favorable to the pet family and their pet. Fly them in the sky on the pet-friendly airlines that are committed to pets only, flying in the main cabin with no humans aboard except the pilot and pet attendant.

Pet-friendly airlines continue to add additional cities on their flight plans delivering pets to places where their pet parents can pick them up and enjoy being all together as a family.  They are flying into cities such as Phoenix, Denver, Los Angles, New York, Ft Lauder dale, Atlanta, Baltimore/Washington DC, Chicago, and Omaha.

As time goes on pet-friendly airlines will most probably add more destinations to and from the pet parent’s home state.  A pet-friendly airline takes care of your pets as if they were their own, and has a lighted cabin with controlled temperatures for a safe and happy flight.

Just a Word of Caution

In my local paper today, there was an article cautioning pet parents who have short-snouted dogs such as pugs and bulldogs have had a  higher death rate in the last 5 years due to being shipped as cargo, again this is why it is so important to fly your pets in a pet the only airline, in the main cabin where there are no humans except the pilot and pet attendant.

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