The Navel Jewelry is a Popular Fashion Accessory


Navel jewelry has been the rage for at least ten years now. You can find many different styles of navel jewelry. There have been about as many different types of navel jewelry as there are people that wear them. You can define yourself in what you wear. There are many to choose from and you can get something that fits your own personality.

Navel piercing has been a popular accessory due to the mainstream market, and people wanting to look stylish on the beach in their bikinis. Navel jewelry comes in many forms and can be bought from many different locations. There are clip-in rings, barbells, banana bells, bead rings, spiral rings, and twister rings. You will want to always use surgical steel rings to prevent allergic reactions. Titanium is also recommended.

There are certain types of stainless steel that are recommended for piercings. These are 316L and 316 LVM types. These have been recognized by the American Society of Testing and Materials as being safe to use for belly jewelry.

If you choose to use gold, make sure it is at least eighteen karats. You can also get these in silver and titanium. Silver has been known to cause the most reactions, so it is better for you to stick with gold or titanium if you are allergic at all. Make sure they are all stainless steel in nature.

You can use a straight or a circular piece of jewelry in your belly. They have many different designs to choose from either online or in your favorite jewelry spot. They come with diamonds, flowers, initials, animals, sports logos, and almost anything else you can think of that you may want to have on your jewelry.

They are very popular because there is plenty of choice in your selections. People may want to wear the sports logo to a game one day and wear an elephant on the ring the next day.

The choices are amazing and quite a number of them will fit almost anyone looking for a unique piece of body jewelry. The spiral and twister types are the most popular. They come in a variety of colors and styles. People can show off their midriffs and their own unique style of jewelry.

Especially at the beach, these belly rings are great to show others what you like as far as sports teams, careers, or hobbies. Some people just get the plain barbells or the twister. It all depends on what you want to show your personality.

The best way to do that is to find your favorite metal whether it be gold, silver, or titanium. Find a unique piece that shows your interests and put it on. Plain rings with the diamond beads are the most popular.

They are very trendy and very inexpensive if you are looking for something elegant but affordable. They are also nice to wear with those bikinis or high cut shorts. You can also pick something that is floral or colorful.

Different color barbells are interesting. Get one for every day of the week. Get one for every day of the month if you want. Show off your midriff and your unique style.

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