The Various Parameters of Technology Innovation


Technology innovation has been synonymous with the progress of knowledge of mankind. Nowhere has humanity manifested its advancement of knowledge so conspicuously than in the different forms of technological innovations. These innovations have together created a giant machine system with different aspects. For example, the evolution of the internet and the evolution of verbal communication technology is one such aspect of the entire process of technology innovation.

Other technological developments like the space research programs and the marine research programs are yet other aspects of the innovation process. Apart from the beneficial aspects of the innovation system, the giant machine system has also had been part of some critical controversies too, of the nature that finding a solution to these controversies is directly related to the betterment of humanity as a whole.

For example, the various applications of the innovation programs in creating and accumulating weapons of mass destruction in the hands of many nations of the world have created the looming insecurity of nuclear chaos. The unscrupulous use of technology has also resulted in serious climatic and environmental problems like global warming and oil spill disasters. Therefore, in this context, it has become absolutely essential to design a balanced nature of technology innovation.

Technology innovation in the right direction

Technological innovation progress should be carried on in the right direction of ensuring the harmony between humanity and nature. It’s high time that mankind should understand the fact that unscrupulous use of technology innovation would only mean disruption of our natural ecological system, of which we are also an integral part. Machines do not have feelings, but humans should definitely take care that they are also not turning into ‘feeling less’ machines, exploiting the depleting natural resources with insane zeal.

Instead, the use of technology should be directed in creating sustainable development environments like increased use of renewable energy in the form of the sun, water, and wind. Only by doing this, we can ensure that our combined energy is directed in a creative way, but not in a destructive way through technology innovation.

Technology innovation to enhance deeper communication

Technology innovation in the communication field is indeed a major aspect of the entire process. The communication processes have given the technology machine a brain, a place of ideological and cultural conflicts, just as the brain of an individual is. Especially, the evolution of internet technological innovation and cell phone technology has been major channels of communicating various kinds of vibrations, both, negative and positive in the collective machine brain of technology.

Hopefully, the end of the conflict and the victory of the right mind does not seem much for now, although the conflict is becoming more complicated and excruciating every day. In order to promote peace and harmony in the world, the victory of the better part of the mind is very much necessary in this surreal conflict of technology innovation.

Technology innovation to inspire creative enterprising

Technology innovation should be directed towards creating creative enterprising, in such a system that the innovations are not designed to take the lives of other people (in the form of weapons of mass destruction) or disrupting the ecological balance.

Technology innovation creative enterprising and not destructive engineering is very much relevant in today’s context. Through the internet, the people of the world can motivate public opinion to foster this truly beneficial aspect of technology innovation.

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