The Best Fashion Tips for Petite Women


In the past, petite women had few fashion choices. In order to look stylish, they had to shop at specialty stores or have clothes altered to get the perfect fit. Today, however, there are a number of petite choices that allow women of smaller statures to look great.

An important factor to consider if you are a petite woman is how your clothing complements your size. You should strive to find clothing that works with your height and your weight in order to give you a stylish and well-fitted look.

If you are looking for clothing that makes you look taller, there are many things that you can add to your wardrobe that will work well no matter what your height. First, dressing in all one color gives the illusion of length. When you choose your outfits for the day, ensure that everything is one color.

This means everything from your blouse to your shoes. Even your tights should be the same color although you can add a bit of contrast with certain jewelry pieces. Darker colors work well for slimming so if you want a lean and tall look, choose colors like navy, dark purple, black, or charcoal.

It is essential that you to choose clothing that fits you well. This is an important factor to consider whether you are petite, average, or tall. Fitted clothing actually works best on petite women and pieces that have a lot of design should be avoided because they can cause you to look heavy. Clothing that has vertical lines will draw your frame up and make you appear to be taller.

Shirts and jackets that have U or V-shaped necklines work very well for Petites as well because they help to create an illusion of length. Higher heels will instantly make you taller which is another good fashion choice for shorter women. You certainly do not have to choose eight-inch stilettos but select heels that feel comfortable and are a bit taller.

There are many comfortable high heels on the market today and if you cannot find a pair that feels really comfortable, there are many insoles that are designed for use with heels. Find something that fits well and will not leave your feet tired at the end of the day.

Oversized handbags and miniskirts are two fashion items that should be avoided if you are attempting to look taller. Oversized bags are a bit too bulky and can overwhelm your frame. Minis are better for those who have longer and more slender legs so if you are under average height, these are really not the best choices, particularly if you are trying to look taller.

Finally, pants that have straight legs as opposed to boot or flair legs are a better choice for those who want the illusion of length. They allow you to keep a slimmer line and will instantly make you appear a bit taller.

There are a number of fashion choices for those who want to hide their petite frame but it may take a while before you get the exact look that you want. Try on a few different pieces and choose the ones that you feel work best for your specific frame and body type.

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