Reasons Why Electronic Cigarettes Will Amaze Your Health


It seems kind of paradoxical if you think about it – so many smokers like to smoke for whatever reason, but they dislike electronic cigarettes, a truly fun and safe substitute for the nasty real cigarettes.

Needless to say, it shouldn’t be this way, as electronic cigarettes offer you everything regular cigarettes do, except for the toxins and the detrimental effects on your body health, those around you, and your surroundings. Sounds like a decent bargain, doesn’t it?

Even if you truly enjoy smoking regular cigarettes, and we sincerely doubt you do, there is no reason at all to be skeptical, as e-cigs offer you everything ordinary cigarettes do as well – you will also be inhaling the true flavor of whichever cigarette you smoke, it will just be vaporized water and harmless flavor, and the e-cig won’t actually burn and cause any harmful effects on anyone.

If you are at all intrigued by what we have written above, and we presume you should be, then read on, as we will list some of the essential reasons why e-cigs are better than the ordinary, harmful, and wasting cigarettes.

E-cigs are healthy

Yes, believe it or not, this is absolutely true. There is nothing at all harmful about e-cigs, no toxins, or horrible preservatives that make real cigarettes so harmful to your health. In fact, e-cigs are merely vaporized and flavored water.

If you absolutely cannot make it without nicotine, you can choose to buy e-cigs with nicotine in their fillings, but should you decide to quit completely, you can even cut nicotine off, buying all sorts of flavors for your e-cigs, from real cigarette tastes to fun new flavors like chocolate and fruity flavors.

E-cigs are not harmful to the environment

This is actually a big deal when you think about it. Electronic cigarettes don’t burn and they don’t produce real smoke, which means there is no jeopardy for the curtains or the table cloths in your home or elsewhere. Also, there is no ash and no residual filth that is so hard to clean. Finally, there is no horrific smell of real cigarettes, which means people who don’t smoke will tolerate you a lot better with an e-cig.

You can smoke an e-cig everywhere

This is also a major benefit because every smoker knows how irritating it can be to know you are actually not allowed to smoke in most places, especially if you want or need a cigarette after lunch or something of the sort. With e-cigs no such problems will ever occur, since you can bring them anywhere, in restaurants, banks, even on planes. And, more importantly, they won’t bother anyone.

E-cigs are not bad for your appearance

Just think about it: no horrible smell everywhere, no yellow teeth, no stains on your fingers, no premature wrinkles, no dry hair… Honestly, the advantages are so many. And once you start smoking e-cigs, your clothes will never smell bad again. Pretty good, huh?

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