Recommended Destinations for Schools Football Tours


The city of Porto in the north the capital city of Lisbon with the option of the western coastline of Escorial / Cassias or the Algarve in the south all offer continental culture, meaning great food, fantastic sport, and wonderful weather all at great value for money.

This region is ideal for school football tours, as it’s rich in history and culture with plenty to do during the day. Porto and the Minho regions offer everything for a fantastic football tour – a strong football heritage, a vast amount of quality youth opposition, and fantastic sporting facilities.

Lisbon is one of Europe’s most attractive capital cities. Lisbon has a wealth of history and tradition that can be sampled in its gothic cathedrals, monasteries and quaint museums. For a school football tour, there is an abundance of quality opposition, excellent football academies to train at, and top-class football pitches.

Cassias is a seaside resort with a relaxed atmosphere that has plenty of cafes, shops and restaurants, and amazing beaches where morning training session teams can be conducted. Escorial and Cassias are also ideal destinations for school football tours as they are in group-friendly resorts and they offer everything for a football tour: relaxed environment, superb beaches, and fantastic sporting challenges.

The Algarve in the south is perfect for football tours for schools as it is simply breathtaking with its towering cliffs, expanses of golden sand, and plenty of leisure activities to participate in when not playing football.

The Algarve has a great youth football set up making it possible to obtain quality opposition for required fixtures and numerous top-class football facilities available throughout the region. The Algarve is the main tourist destination of Portugal making it impossible for a school football tour not to enjoy their tour.

Southern Spain, specifically the Andalusia region is a recommended destination for school football tours as it offers a wide range of cultural and great football opportunities making it hard not to see why Spain is the Fifa World Champions. Seville is Andalusia’s largest city and is situated away from the coast.

The lack of a beach can be seen as a benefit as school football tours can spend their days discovering exactly what Seville has to offer, from cultural excursions to exciting fun-filled theme parks. Seville offers School tours a great football experience with a large pool of quality opposition and excellent sporting facilities.

There are dozens of activities for school football tours at all destinations to participate in such as:

Oceanarium visits
Water parks
water sports
beach trips
stadium tours
city excursions
professional football fixture
surf clinics
boat trips


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