Great Road Trip Songs to Play in Your Pontiac Cars and Tips for Great Road Trips


Road trip songs can either make or break your summer vacation. You need a great mix to keep everybody lively and entertained. Here are five great road trip songs that you should put on a CD or on your MP3 player to play in your Pontiac cars the next time you go somewhere.

Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf

There isn’t a soul alive that does not know the banging’ chorus to this song. And since it talks about getting your motor running, it’s perfect for a road trip!

Running on Empty by Jackson Brown

Not only is this a fun song, but it will also remind you to keep an eye on the gas gauge so you do not run your Pontiac cars on empty and get stranded.

On the Road Again by Willie Nelson 

This is my personal favorite but that’s because Willie Nelson is an undisputed genius in my book whether you like country music or not, you cannot be silent while this song is playing.

Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett

Mr. Pickett has a voice like no other. If it makes you feel better, you can replace the word “Mustang” with your favorite model of Pontiac cars.

I’ve Been Everywhere by Johnny Cash

You may have heard this song in some recent hotel commercials. It’s kind of fun to see how many places in the song you’ve visited, too.

Taking your Pontiac cars on a road trip this summer is a great way to get away from the stresses of the economy, politics, and everything else going on in this crazy world of ours. But proper planning and preparation are essential for any worry-free summer road trip. Here are some things to consider when planning your upcoming road trip in your Pontiac cars.

Take your car in for a complete checkup

This is probably the most important thing you can do if you are going to drive your car for a long distance. This will help identify any problems that could occur on the road so you can fix it before you leave instead of having your trip ruined somewhere along the way. Be sure to check the air conditioner, fluid levels, and tire pressure while you’re at it.

Get a GPS

I used to think GPS devices were just an extravagancy that I could do without. That was until my friend got one and I saw how useful they can be. They will save you time, money and frustration on your road trip this summer. Don’t leave home without one!

Bring some good music

A road trip is nothing without good music. Come back tomorrow for a list of great road trip songs to add to your collection.

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